Pico Projectors

A pico projector is a small hardware device designed to project content from a smartphone, camera, tablet, notebook or memory device onto a wall or other flat surface.

Pico projectors are also known as pocket, handheld or mobile projectors and they take a number of formats that work in various ways. What they all have in common is that they are extremely compact and designed to take the place of conventional, bulky projectors for presentations and media viewing.

Pico Projectors

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Asus S1 Mobile LED DLP...

Asus S1 Mobile LED DLP Projector WVGA 200 ANSI

Resolution: WVGA(854x480)
Brightness: 200 lumens
Contrast: 1000:1
Weight: 342gram

Price SGD $539.00

ViewSonic M1 DLP LED...

ViewSonic M1 DLP LED Projector WVGA 250 ANSI (Ultra-Portable)

Resolution: WVGA (854 x 480)
Brightness: 250
Contrast Ratio: 120,000:1
Weight: 0.8kg

Price SGD $559.00

Optoma ML330 LED DLP...

Optoma ML330 LED DLP Projector WXGA 500 ANSI
Model: ML330

Resolution: WXGA (1280 x 800)
Brightness: 500 LED Brightness
Contrast: 20,000:1
Weight: 0.46 kg

Price SGD $725.00

Optoma ML750ST LED DLP...

Optoma ML750ST LED DLP Projector WXGA 800 ANSI (Short Throw)

Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800
Brightness: 800 LED Brightness*
Contrast: 20,000:1
Weight: 0.42kg

Price SGD $885.00

Optoma Neo i DV-20A DLP...

Optoma Neo i DV-20A DLP Projector WVGA 50 ANSI
Model: Neo i DV-20A

Resolution: WVGA (854 x 480)
Brightness: 50 ANSI Lumens
Contrast: 2,000:1
Weight: 1 kg

Price SGD $199.00

Asus B1MR DLP LED Projector...

The ASUS B1MR features a small Wi-Fi adapter for a direct wireless connection to a notebook PC, or Android and iOS devices. This removes the need to carry a video cable solely for presentation use, and allows presentations, documents and multimedia files to be streamed to the B1MR wirelessly from elsewhere in a room. The B1MR with ASUS WiFi Projection APP helps bring iOS and Adroid content from input device to the big screen, and also provides advanced "Split Screen Control", to allow user to choose two or four split screens. You can also easily mirror entertainment contents from devices (with Android 4.2+ OS) to big screen, without cables or a network connection, by activating B1MR's mirror casting function.

Price SGD $1,069.00

Asus P3B DLP LED Projector...

ASUS P3B Ultra-Short-Throw Battery-Powered Projector is a lightweight and compact projector with a footprint about the size of a CD case, so it fits easily into a briefcase or bag. The brightest battery-powered portable LED projector available, P3B provides crisp WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution images with a maximum brightness of 800 lumens. Its built-in rechargeable battery gives you up to 3 hours of cable-free projection time and also doubles as a 12,000mAh power bank for charging mobile devices. A ultra-short-throw lens lets the P3B project images measuring from 25 inches (0.45m) to 200 inches (3.4m) at very close range. The P3B is designed to be used anywhere – outdoors while camping, in a home theater, or in small meeting rooms

Price SGD $1,059.00

ASUS ZenBeam Go E1Z Projector

The ASUS ZenBeam Go E1Z is the world's brightest USB pocket projector. Though small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it delivers bright and crisp imagery of up to 120 inches wide (diagonal measurement). At only 83mm x 29mm x 110mm, and weighing just 307 g, it's the ideal solution for people on the go. Simply plug it in via a standard USB 2.0 connection or the bundled USB Type-C™ adaptor, then begin projecting from your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Price SGD $459.00

Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus...

Home or office, the Q3 Plus offers entertainment enthusiasts and business travelers the ability to project HD video and data, anywhere, even on the go.

Q3 Plus is a feature-rich, multimedia pocket projector with an ultra-light, thin profile that’s small enough to carry in a bag.

It delivers bright and vividly colorful images with up to 500 lumens and a 5,000:1 contrast ratio. 

Price SGD $739.00

VIVITEK QUMI Q38 Projector...

Qumi Q38 is a powerful bright pocket size projector with integrated battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to make it easy to instantly switch on and enjoy a 130’’ diagonal screen anywhere you want. Turns any content from a mobile phone, tablet or game station into a large screen projection instantly. 

Price SGD $999.00