Visualisers, also known as document cameras or digital presenters, are electronic devices that allow you to display and capture live images of physical objects, documents, and materials. These devices are typically used in classrooms, offices, and other professional settings to provide a visual representation of written or drawn information, such as charts, graphs, slides, and textbooks.

A visualiser typically consists of a camera mounted on an adjustable arm, which can be positioned to capture images from a variety of angles. These images can then be displayed on a projector, monitor, or other display device, allowing a large audience to see the material being presented in real-time.

Many visualisers also have features such as image capture, video recording, and image annotation, which allow you to save, edit, and share your presentations.

Visualisers are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from presentations and lectures, to product demonstrations and scientific experiments. Whether you're a teacher, researcher, or sales professional, a visualiser can help you effectively communicate information and bring your presentations to life.

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