VBOZ E Series Economic Server Rack Cabinets



Made in Singapore.

The E-Series Server Cabinet is a range of Server Cabinet that offers a cost effective solution with unsurpassed features at the lowest price in their class - this economy server cabinet can't be beat!

$ 1,279.00 tax excl.

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vBoZ E Series Front View
vBoZ E Series Rear View
VBOZ™ E-Series Front View
VBOZ™ E-Series Rear View



- Equipment Mounting Compatibility : Our Server Cabinet, are configured to be compatible with most computer equipment including: Compaq, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, and Intel.

- RU positions : marked and notched for easy alignment and placement of equipment.
RU positions


Good ventilation :

- Exhaust Fan to maintain equipment temperatures by effectively extracting hot air from server rack.

Exhaust Fan

- Full slotted Top Frame at its four edges to allow for proper ventilation preventing overheating.
Full slotted Top Frame


Security :

- Lockable Glass Door allows viewing of rack equipments without unauthorized opening the doors.

Lockable Glass Door

- Cam Lock on doors and side panels provides added security for equipment.

Cam Lock


Easy Management and adjustment:

- Removable side panels, front and rear doors allow easy accessibility from any side of the cabinet.
- Ships completely assembled.

- Strongly build metal Tray to support non-rack mountable Equipments.
- Addition of extra equipment shelf for future expansion made easy.
Equipment Shelf

- Ships with 12 Way Power Strip
Power Strip

- Castor Wheels and Adjustable Leveling Feet
Castor Wheels and Leveling Feet


Meeting the standards :
- Internal dimensions to IEC 297-2 and DIN 41494 Part 1 with addition to DIN-IEC drilling in EIA standard.
- Protection to foreign bodies to IP20; DIN 40050 Part 1 & IEC 529.
- Durable construction with a 500 kg static load rating.


Material Aluminum Extrusion Vertical Structure
Electro Galvanized Steel Body Frame
Main Frame
1 x Main Frame
Top Frame
1 x Top Frame (with cable entry access)
Base Frame
1 x Base Frame (with cable entry Access)
Mounting Elements
1 x Mounting Elements
Front Door
1 x Front Door with cam Lock (Glass)
Rear Door
1 x Rear Door with cam Lock (Louvered)
Side Panels
2 x Side Panels with cam Lock (Quick-Release side latch)
Castor Wheels
1 x set of 4 Castor Wheels
Leveling Feet
1 x set of 4 Leveling Feet
Power Strip
1 x 12 Way Power Strip
1 x Fanplate (2 fans per plate)
Vertical Cable Trays
1 x 4-inch Vertical Cable Tray
Equipment Shelf
3 x Equipment Shelf
Cagenuts & Screws
50 x set of Cagenuts & Screws

Warranty: Five Years Limited warranty on Structure and body.
One Year Limited warranty on Electrical components.
Warranty is only applicable to Singapore only.

Rack is manufactured in Singapore under the brand of VboZ.
VboZ is a registered trademark of D-NEXUS.