VBOZ 6U 600mm wide X 500mm deep, 19 inch Wall Mount Rack

Reference: WMR_19_6U_6x5


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VBOZ 6U 600mm wide X 500mm deep, 19 inch Wall Mount Rack
Dimension (W x D): 600 x 500 mm


1.Wall Mount Racks are NOT desiged for table-top or floor standing use. They must be mounted on the wall in-order for it to sustain the weight of mounted equipments.
2. This model of Server Cabinet mounts equipments of 19-inch standard.
3. All trays and shelf for this rack configuration will be of 19-inch standard.

19" Wallmount Rack

All of our racks and cabinets are user customizable insuring that you get the best server equipment rack for your needs. Just click on the size of server rack you need, select the options you would like in the cabinet, and which rack mount accessories you need. It's that easy! We will meet your needs and ship it to you - usually within a few days of placing your order with us.

Our Server Cabinet, are configured to be compatible with most computer equipment including: Compaq, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, and Intel.

Applicable Standard:

- Internal dimensions to IEC 297-2 and DIN 41494 Part 1 with addition to DIN-IEC drilling in EIA standard.
- Load carrying capacity 50kg.

Server / Equipment Cabinet Comprises (Comes with the Following)

1 Set

Main Frame & Mounting Elements

Extruded vertical main frame provides the rack with good structural support and is neat and pleasing to the eye.

Mounting Elements conform to various international standards so that all types of data and voice equipment can be easily mounted.

1 pc

Top Frame c/w Cable Entry Access

Top Frame is fully slotted at its four edges to allow for proper ventilation preventing internal equipment from overheating.

1 pc

Base Frame with Cable Entry Access

Base Frame allows for cable entry access and provides good stability support to the overall structure.


Front Glass Door with cam lock

Front doors are available in many designs and ventilation options. They come with a default cam lock.

The default door is the Glass door with cam lock.

Cooling tip: adding a ventilated front and rear door will assist with air circulation by creating a front to back flow pattern.

Front Glasss Door with cam lock

2 pcs

Side Panels with quick release side lactch & cam lock

These allow you to have access to the side of the cabinet. The doors have Cam Lock on the top side for added security and two latches. When released, the panels can be removed.

Side Panel w Quickrelease Lactch & camLock

1 pc

4-inch Vertical Cable Tray

4-inch Tray Facilitates rear/vertical cable management , Organizes data and power cables.

4-inch Vertical Cable Tray

1 pc

4-inch Exhaust Fan

4-inch Exhaust Fans to pull the hot air out of your server rack bringing in the cooler air from the bottom of the server rack.

Fans are the best way to maintaining a safe operating temperature for valuable rack equipment. Fans attach to the top panel and assists with removing hot air from the server cabinet. A fan mounted on the top of your Server Rack will help to keep your servers at a cooler temperature.

Cooling tip: Add more fans.

1 pc

5 ways Power Strip

Standard power strips simply provide evenly distributed electrical power to servers and rack accessories.

Tip : If you need more powers, you can upgrade to 6 way power strip.

20 sets

Cagenuts & Screws

Quality Steel Cage Nuts & Screws for Server Cabinet

4 x sets

Wall mounting Bolt and Nuts

Bolt and Nut required for mounting cabinet onto solid wall.

Additional Rackmount Accessories:

Equipment Shelf

Sometimes called a stationary or fixed rack shelf, a Equipment Shelf mounts to all 4 mounting rails of a 4-Post Server Rack / Electronic Enclosure. Due to its simplicity, Flat Shelves will often occupy less than 1U of rack space.

Tip : Choose the number of Equipment Shelf you need below